Common Maintenance Question Explained

Have you Changed Your Air Filter Lately? A Common Maintenance Question Explained!

After a long and demanding week at work, you are longing for the weekend, and look forward to enjoying it with your family; you are determined to make the most of it. However, there are chores to do, you may have some home improvement projects in mind, in addition to the much-needed maintenance for your vehicle, such as changing your air filter. And while you are still trying to check off a couple of items on your to-do list, your weekend is gone in a blink of an eye.

That's it! You have suffered long enough, for your weekends to be enjoyable you need to prioritize, especially when it comes to your car maintenance. And you don't have to be an auto expert to figure out which repairs should be handled as a priority.

The following is a checklist of essential repairs you have to keep up with when it comes to your car maintenance:

  •  air filter change

  •  oil change

  •  oil filter change

  •  fuel filter change

  •  tire's rotation and balance

  •  brake fluid replacement

  •  coolant replacement

  •  transmission fluid replacement

  •  power steering fluid replacement

And the list goes on, although the good news is that not all of these maintenance checkpoints are costly or time-consuming. Air filter change, for instance, is easy to fix and inexpensive.

Here are five powerful benefits of changing your air filter:

  • Increases your Car's Fuel Mileage

A clean engine with sufficient air flow can operate more efficiently.

  • Reduces Emissions

A clean air filter allows for increased airflow to the engine resulting in reduced fuel consumption and as a consequence reduced emission.

  • Helps to prolong engine life.

 The air filter's job is to trap damaging dirt and debris that can potentially damage your car's internal engine parts such as cylinders and pistons.

  • Protects the engine parts from excess wear

 Vital internal engine parts such as pistons and cylinders can suffer irreversible damage - caused mainly by dirt and debris that get inside when the air filter is not changed regularly, resulting in expensive engine repairs.

  • Overall engine performance improves

 A dirty or worn air filter can cause limited airflow on your engine, and that results in a quick drop in your engine's performance. On the other hand, a clean filter as mentioned previously, allows your engine not only to get sufficient airflow but also to use the correct amount of fuel, these two aspects contribute to the maximum performance of your engine.

How often should you Change your Vehicle's Air Filter?

* Every 12 months or 12,000 to 15,000 miles

* You can check your owner's manual and find out the details on how often to change it.

Now that you have set up your priorities, you can check off from your chore list simple car maintenance procedures like the air filter change, and get ready for a delightful weekend.

Have you changed your air filter lately? Let us know.

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