Double Your Gas Mileage! 2X

Did you know changing your oil every 3,000 miles could get you 2X the gas mileage ?

The moment you get your first car, you sign up for a lifetime commitment and responsibilities that come along with its routine maintenance. Usually, you start getting advice from different sources on the best ways to give your car the proper maintenance, from the dealership where you bought it, your friends, your auto mechanic and most likely from your father too.

One of the first things you learn is how to check the oil level of your car, and you also learn that a frequent oil change every 3,000 miles or so, makes a difference in your car's performance.

However, you don't exactly know what would happen if you don't adopt this habit, much less the specifics on the positive consequences it would bring.

What happens when you don't change the oil in your car? These are some consequences:

  • The gasoline might explode in a cylinder which pushes the piston down

  • The piston might jam permanently into the cylinder head

  • Damage on your engine's connecting rods

  • One of the rods might break off

  • A broken rode might pierce a hole right through the engine block

  • The engine gets ruined

  • Old motor oil requires more fuel to burn and the friction in the engine increases

Why do you need to change your oil every 3,000 miles? Here are some benefits:

  • Your car's oil is a lubricant for your engine

  • Reduces the friction of the moving parts (the rods)

  • Cools down the engine which allows the internal components to work more efficiently

  • Improves your gas mileage

You, like every other driver, would like to have a car that not only lasts a long time without any problems, but one that is a fuel-efficient vehicle too.

The following are some factors that cause low gas mileage:

  • Engine tune-up issues

  • Using old motor oil that does not reduce friction

  • Bad fuel injectors

  • Driving at high speeds

  • Poor fuel quality

  • Clogged fuel filter

  • Bad fuel injectors

  • Misaligned tires

  • The time that is taken to warm up the engine in winter

Therefore, how does the recommended oil change interval usually every 3,000 miles can get you 2x the gas mileage?

  • It reduces the friction in the engine itself,

  • It results in a more efficient work of the internal parts

  • Clean oil requires less fuel to burn, therefore improves your gas mileage 2X as more.

We can conclude that one of the most critical steps in your car's routine maintenance is changing the oil regularly; it promotes an optimal performance of your engine and most importantly it could get you 2X your gas mileage.

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